Super Collapse! II

Super Collapse! II

Play this action puzzle game jam packed with excitement and relaxing fun!
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Super Collapse!® II


Four modes:
Relapse, Traditional, Strategy, and Puzzle make this action puzzle game jam packed with excitement and relaxing fun!
Enjoy frantic timed modes and puzzle over relaxing brain teasers.
Collapse! II is one of our most addictive and popular games.

* Extended Free Play
* Keep an eye on the top and bottom in Relapse mode
* Think before you click in Strategy mode
* Clear the screen in Puzzle mode
* Play Offline and Full ScreenSuper Collapse! II is the second installment of the sequel which offers some new things and improvements. It is an exciting puzzle game a la Tetris, in which you have to remove adjacent blocks of the same color, dropping the blocks above and sometimes causing a chain reaction. Every few seconds, a new row of blocks will be added to the bottom of the screen. Consequently, the blocks reach the top of the screen, you lose. There is also a meter which shows the colors of the upcoming blocks which helps you plan the best move. The game includes four different game modes that require you to think of an strategy for each of them: Traditional, Puzzle, Relapse and Strategy. In the puzzle mode, you start with a prearranged set of blocks which can be cleared completely if they are eliminated in the proper order. Relapse is like the traditional game, with the exception that the blocks are added from the top and bottom of the screen, which requires you to be faster or you will lose quickly. The strategy mode is the most complicated one, since every time you click, a new row of block is added to the screen. All in all, Super Collapse! II is a very entertaining and addictive game that will keep you playing for hours. It supports Windows 2000/Windows XP.

Silvana Mansilla
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